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refund all in sportybet AdvertisementThe Commute Air Pro 18 looks and feels just like a standard backpack when worn, but when the magnetic buckle on the chest strap is closed, motion sensors are activated that monitor the position and movement of the pack around 1,100 times every second. If sudden extreme motions are detected, indicating a crash or collision has occurred that was severe enough for the rider to fall, an 18-liter airbag deploys from the top of the pack, inflating in less than 0.2 seconds and wrapping around their upper torso. EVOC Sports claims the airbag 鈥渞educes the impact forces and braking acceleration (HIC: head injury criterion) on the cyclist by up to 80%.鈥 After the airbag has been deployed, and assuming it didn鈥檛 suffer any damage, it can be repacked and its igniter cartridge can be replaced, so thankfully the backpack and the safety system are reusable.Image: EVOC SportsAdvertisementAdvertisementThe Commute Air Pro 18 is a functional backpack, too, with the compressed airbag taking up very little space inside. It leaves room for a laptop which is accessible from the side of the pack, various pockets throughout the interior for keeping other electronics and knick-knacks organized, including a smartphone and glasses, and an adjustable hip belt that ensures the backpack isn鈥檛 sliding around while you ride, as well as taking some of the weight of the pack off the wearer鈥檚 shoulders.When available in the spring of next year, however, the Commute Air Pro 18 won鈥檛 come cheap. It will be priced at 鈧?00, which is a little over ,000. That鈥檚 probably more expensive than the bikes many people actually commute to work on, but while it鈥檚 not cheap, you probably won鈥檛 bemoan how much you spent on it the day it saves you from serious injuries in a bike crash.

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    refund all in sportybet AdvertisementNow, there鈥檚 nothing wrong with a 鈥渄umb鈥 coffee maker. And I鈥檓 sure that for most folks, the utility of a timer is plenty if you鈥檙e getting up at the same time most days. I also realize it鈥檚 not that hard to walk into the kitchen and hit the 鈥渂rew鈥 button. But especially recently, my internal alarm clock goes off as early as 5 a.m. and sometimes as late as 7 a.m. So even with a timer, my coffee maker is potentially brewing my coffee too early or, worst of all, too late, which isn鈥檛 the biggest deal in the world but makes getting out of bed on a cold winter morning a little more of a chore.I already use an Echo Dot as my alarm clock because the chime is the least offensive I鈥檝e managed to find on a device so far on days when I do need one. So when I was shopping for a coffee maker back in January, I ended up buying one from Hamilton Beach () that had Alexa compatibility. In the Alexa app, I was able to create a routine for Alexa to 鈥渕ake coffee.鈥 Now, when I wake up in the morning before my alarm clock, I鈥檓 able to ask my bot assistant to start my brew while I check my email on my phone. And by the time I鈥檓 ready to be a person, my coffee is ready to go.AdvertisementAdvertisementUltimately, the reason I opted for the Hamilton Beach over others really came down to the front-fill water reservoir since it gets tucked under a cabinet in my kitchen. It鈥檚 kind of a no-frills smart device, to be honest. There are plenty of other smart coffee makers with a much better range of features and brew settings, but I鈥檓 pretty happy with the one I picked for my own purposes.Again, I鈥檓 not saying you should rush out to swoop up a smart coffee maker to replace the one you have if it does its job just fine. But if you鈥檙e a weird early riser like I am and happen to be shopping for one anyway, all I鈥檓 saying is that having a smart assistant-enabled coffee maker has been an unexpected delight. And especially in quarantine, I鈥檒l take all the creature comforts I can get.

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