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parimatch withdrawal AdvertisementI don鈥檛 have a lot of free time to devout to playing and finishing games these days. I鈥檒l occasionally have a few minutes of boredom I鈥檓 looking to kill, but I don鈥檛 think I could even load Breath of the Wild in that amount of time. That鈥檚 where the cheap LCD games of the late 鈥?0s and 鈥?0s excelled. They were bite-size snippets of action with a goal that was rarely more involved than registering a new high score. They required no serious commitment and there were no tutorials to slog through. You could easily hop in into a game in a couple of seconds, enjoy a few minutes of satisfying button mashing, and then quickly stash them away until you needed to feed your gaming addiction again鈥攎inus the side effects of losing hours of your life or blowing your budget.Founded by Arnold, Gerald, and Randy Rissman in 1978, Tiger Electronics got its start making simple electronics like phonographs, but transitioned to interactive toys and LCD-based gaming devices in the early 鈥?0s. For a while the company鈥檚 most notable product was a series of portable game devices based on Universal鈥檚 1976 King Kong remake featuring a knock-off version of Nintendo鈥檚 Donkey Kong. It led to a legal dustup between Universal and Nintendo over who owned the rights to giant apes, which Nintendo eventually won, but ultimately decided not to take down Tiger Electronics in the process. AdvertisementAdvertisementA few years after the Kong controversy blew over, Tiger Electronics settled on a design for a series of electronic handheld games that the company would eventually sell millions of in the late 鈥?0s and 鈥?0s. The first games in Tiger鈥檚 new lineup, released in 1987, were sports titles like football, skeet shooting, and baseball, which also happened to be the first Tiger handheld I ever owned.Before Tiger鈥檚 new line, portable gaming systems always came with a premium price tag. I can remember drooling over mini tabletop arcades in catalogs, but never actually putting them on my Christmas or birthday wish lists for fear of maxing out what my parents were willing to spend. Even Nintendo鈥檚 Game Watch handhelds were on the pricy side, but in 1987 Tiger Electronics changed that. Its new handhelds featured a gratuitous use of plastic鈥攆rom the housings, to the buttons, to even the display covers鈥攁nd simple segmented LCD screens, barely a couple of inches in size, that could only display a limited and crude collection of graphics and animations. If there was such a thing as disposable video games, Tiger鈥檚 handhelds came close to being that.Advertisement setTimeout(() => const adSlot = document.querySelector(.apscustom); const adFallback = document.querySelector(.ars-fallback); if (adSlot) if has been read, but theres no ad, then show the fallback if (adFallback && adSlot.offsetHeight Andrew Liszewski (Gizmodo)Gameplay was equally basic. Tiger鈥檚 Electronic Baseball played more like an enhanced home run derby where the player鈥檚 team never actually takes the field. Just two buttons were used to swing at every pitch and then strategically advance your players from base to base鈥攚ith 鈥渟trategically鈥 being used very generously here. AdvertisementBut the 10-year-old version of me didn鈥檛 care, he absolutely loved this game, bringing it on long road trips and even smuggling it into Sunday school every week. I also didn鈥檛 care that Bases Loaded on the NES was a vastly superior experience; Tiger鈥檚 version could come with me anywhere, I didn鈥檛 have to take turns playing with my siblings, and I didn鈥檛 have to wait until my parents were done watching something on TV. Playing it today I rarely get past a couple of innings before losing interest, but the simplicity is exactly why I still keep games like these in easy reach, and keep coming back. They scratch an itch without destroying my productivity.All the corner cutting also meant that Tiger Electronic鈥檚 handhelds were usually around each, easily accommodating the budgets of most 10-year-olds reliant on allowances or birthday money for income. The plastic still feels cheap and my baseball game is covered in scratches and scars from being endlessly dropped and rage-thrown, but it鈥檚 one of my few childhood electronic toys that still works fine 30 years later. Tiger had found the perfect balance between price, durability, and addictiveness to hook a generation.AdvertisementIt also helped that the company was almost obsessive about licensing popular properties like movies, video games, and even TV shows. Unlike a console game these handhelds didn鈥檛 require months of complicated development. Tiger could churn these games out quickly, and it did just that. Mortal Kombat, Jurassic Park, Star Wars, GI Joe, Captain Planet, Full House, The Little Mermaid鈥攊f something was pop culturally relevant in the 鈥?0s, there鈥檚 a good chance there was a Tiger Electronics handheld game made for it.So why isn鈥檛 Tiger Electronics a dominant name in gaming today? The brand is definitely still around, now owned by Hasbro, but the clock started ticking on the company鈥檚 cheap and simple approach to handheld gaming on April 21, 1989, when Nintendo鈥檚 Game Boy was released. It was more expensive than Tiger鈥檚 handhelds, but every game offered unique gameplay, graphics, and sound, and game carts could often be found competitively priced. Tiger eventually released its own cartridge based system in 1997, the, that included online connectivity and a touchscreen, but the Game Boy Color arrived soon after, and Tiger Electronics simply wasn鈥檛 big enough to take on Nintendo any more.AdvertisementI鈥檓 not going to pretend like I still turn to Electronic Baseball for all my gaming needs, the Switch is definitely my goto console now. But despite being portable, I鈥檓 hesitant to travel with it for fear of damaging or losing 0 worth of gear. It also doesn鈥檛 really provide instant gratification, and more often than not as an adult that鈥檚 what I鈥檓 looking for. Smartphone games come close to filling that need, but sometimes I just want to mindlessly mash buttons for a couple of minutes, hitting home runs or beating up baddies, without having to worry about killing my phone鈥檚 battery, waiting for app updates, or all the other distractions of modern gaming. Tiger Electronics game me exactly that 30 years ago.

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    parimatch withdrawal AdvertisementNow, there鈥檚 nothing wrong with a 鈥渄umb鈥 coffee maker. And I鈥檓 sure that for most folks, the utility of a timer is plenty if you鈥檙e getting up at the same time most days. I also realize it鈥檚 not that hard to walk into the kitchen and hit the 鈥渂rew鈥 button. But especially recently, my internal alarm clock goes off as early as 5 a.m. and sometimes as late as 7 a.m. So even with a timer, my coffee maker is potentially brewing my coffee too early or, worst of all, too late, which isn鈥檛 the biggest deal in the world but makes getting out of bed on a cold winter morning a little more of a chore.I already use an Echo Dot as my alarm clock because the chime is the least offensive I鈥檝e managed to find on a device so far on days when I do need one. So when I was shopping for a coffee maker back in January, I ended up buying one from Hamilton Beach () that had Alexa compatibility. In the Alexa app, I was able to create a routine for Alexa to 鈥渕ake coffee.鈥 Now, when I wake up in the morning before my alarm clock, I鈥檓 able to ask my bot assistant to start my brew while I check my email on my phone. And by the time I鈥檓 ready to be a person, my coffee is ready to go.AdvertisementAdvertisementUltimately, the reason I opted for the Hamilton Beach over others really came down to the front-fill water reservoir since it gets tucked under a cabinet in my kitchen. It鈥檚 kind of a no-frills smart device, to be honest. There are plenty of other smart coffee makers with a much better range of features and brew settings, but I鈥檓 pretty happy with the one I picked for my own purposes.Again, I鈥檓 not saying you should rush out to swoop up a smart coffee maker to replace the one you have if it does its job just fine. But if you鈥檙e a weird early riser like I am and happen to be shopping for one anyway, all I鈥檓 saying is that having a smart assistant-enabled coffee maker has been an unexpected delight. And especially in quarantine, I鈥檒l take all the creature comforts I can get.

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