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5p games bet365 AdvertisementA cursory search of 鈥淔araday router shields 5G鈥 on Amazon, unfortunately, brings up 159 results. While most claim to block somewhere between 90 to 95% of regular ole EMF radiation, a handful of products also claim that they block 5G while also allowing you to use wifi. Admittedly, some of these listings are hilarious. Several include photoshopped bows because, you know, 鈥榯is the season. Others have incredibly specific product titles that clearly tell a story of beef between one scammy brand and another knockoff company trying to crib on their territory. But in all instances, these glorified mesh garbage cans are priced between -0.If you鈥檙e unfamiliar with a Faraday cage, it鈥檚 a metal cage that turns electrostatic charges or types of EMF and distributes it through the cage itself, thereby shielding the interior. This same principle is why buildings sometimes mess with wifi or cell signals. In everyday life, your car, microwave oven, and MRI machines also act as Faraday cages. TL;DR: Faraday cages are meant to help people, not be used as false marketing to cash in on unfounded conspiracy theories.AdvertisementAdvertisementNote the little American flag and this extremely specific product listing title.Screenshot: AmazonSome are concerned that 5G could affect your health because of the higher-frequency millimeter-wave signals that comprise part of 5G networks. But there is no evidence that 5G is dangerous to your health. The New York Times has reported that your skin is an adequate barrier against higher-frequency radio waves, including 5G. But even if 5G was dangerous鈥攚hich, again, there is no evidence for鈥攖hese products are stupid because cellular 5G does not come from your wifi router. What鈥檚 more, any router shield that lets out any signal is not a proper Faraday cage. Advertisement setTimeout(() => const adSlot = document.querySelector(.apscustom); const adFallback = document.querySelector(.ars-fallback); if (adSlot) if has been read, but theres no ad, then show the fallback if (adFallback && adSlot.offsetHeight 鈥淭his appears to be a convergence of technical ignorance and conspiracy theories,鈥 said Avi Greengart, president and lead analyst at Techsponential. 鈥?GHz wifi is not the same as cellular 5G. Putting a router in a Faraday cage鈥攁ssuming that it鈥檚 an effective Faraday cage鈥攕tops your router from working properly. It does not protect you from anything, and even if it did, it would be far more effective to turn off bands in the router鈥檚 setting, or just unplug it.鈥滭/p>Advertisement鈥淚t鈥檚 a box to block your wifi,鈥 Segan said. 鈥淚t will work in exact proportion with how much worse it makes your wifi. There is no magic 鈥楨MF鈥 wave for it to block which isn鈥檛 the wifi you鈥檙e trying to use. If you鈥檙e that worried about wireless signals, get a switch, and use Ethernet.鈥滭/p>鈥淎s far as these devices go, they prey on people that are afraid of wireless communications and the radiation that they emit,鈥 Anshel Sag, senior analyst for 5G at Moor Insights Strategy, told Gizmodo in an email. 鈥淚 have followed the industry that preys on people鈥檚 fear of 5G and most of these products either don鈥檛 work at all or they work very well and render wireless communications useless. In either scenario, the consumer is not well-informed about the technology and are being taken advantage of based on their fears. I would not advise anyone to buy any of these devices, ever.鈥滭/p>AdvertisementGizmodo reached out to Smart Meter Guard, which sells at least three of these devices on Amazon and on their website, about why they chose to market their product this way. We also reached out to Amazon to ask why such fraudulent products were allowed on its site. In each instance, Gizmodo did not get an immediate response.Screenshot: AmazonAdvertisementThis is not the first time shady companies have used bogus anti-5G products to profit. One particularly egregious example is the anti-5G USB stick, which claimed to put out a holographic bubble that protected users from the 5G bogeyman. It was, of course, ruthlessly debunked in a tear-down as being nothing more than a 0 sticker. Still, these types of scam products abound on Amazon. Not only can you find 5G underpants, you can also find dubious 5G maternity bands聽to 鈥減rotect鈥 your unborn child and EMF protection pendants that claim to be programmed with 鈥?0+ homeopathic frequencies.鈥滭br/>Ultimately, this is a case of buyer beware. However, Amazon should be ashamed that by allowing these modern-day snake oil salesmen on its platform, it too is directly profiting off of junk science. Admittedly, it鈥檇 be a herculean effort to scour the quadrillion listings on Amazon and eliminate every single bogus item. But at the very least, for the sake of an entire industry鈥檚 sanity, get rid of the bogus wifi trash cans. Only then can the spirit of Michael Faraday rest in peace.AdvertisementWe reached out to Amazon for comment. The company said it is looking into the listings.

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    5p games bet365 AdvertisementNow, there鈥檚 nothing wrong with a 鈥渄umb鈥 coffee maker. And I鈥檓 sure that for most folks, the utility of a timer is plenty if you鈥檙e getting up at the same time most days. I also realize it鈥檚 not that hard to walk into the kitchen and hit the 鈥渂rew鈥 button. But especially recently, my internal alarm clock goes off as early as 5 a.m. and sometimes as late as 7 a.m. So even with a timer, my coffee maker is potentially brewing my coffee too early or, worst of all, too late, which isn鈥檛 the biggest deal in the world but makes getting out of bed on a cold winter morning a little more of a chore.I already use an Echo Dot as my alarm clock because the chime is the least offensive I鈥檝e managed to find on a device so far on days when I do need one. So when I was shopping for a coffee maker back in January, I ended up buying one from Hamilton Beach () that had Alexa compatibility. In the Alexa app, I was able to create a routine for Alexa to 鈥渕ake coffee.鈥 Now, when I wake up in the morning before my alarm clock, I鈥檓 able to ask my bot assistant to start my brew while I check my email on my phone. And by the time I鈥檓 ready to be a person, my coffee is ready to go.AdvertisementAdvertisementUltimately, the reason I opted for the Hamilton Beach over others really came down to the front-fill water reservoir since it gets tucked under a cabinet in my kitchen. It鈥檚 kind of a no-frills smart device, to be honest. There are plenty of other smart coffee makers with a much better range of features and brew settings, but I鈥檓 pretty happy with the one I picked for my own purposes.Again, I鈥檓 not saying you should rush out to swoop up a smart coffee maker to replace the one you have if it does its job just fine. But if you鈥檙e a weird early riser like I am and happen to be shopping for one anyway, all I鈥檓 saying is that having a smart assistant-enabled coffee maker has been an unexpected delight. And especially in quarantine, I鈥檒l take all the creature comforts I can get.

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